Saturday, June 4, 2011

Nourishing Body Elixirs by SOTHYS Paris

Beauty is all about luxury, the beautification process and how we express our unique individuality and personality. It's the same with scent which is why we are proud to present to you the latest release from SOTHYS Paris: Nourishing body elixirs. Introducing the 5 different intricately blended floral and fruity scents.

Cherry blossom & Lotus escape: A floral, musky fragrance

Cinnamon & Ginger escape: A warm, spicy and balsam scent

Lemon & Petitgrain escape: A fresh blend of fruity and floral scent

Orange blossom & Cedar escape: A warm, woody and musky type fragrance

Vanilla & Sandalwood escape: A sweet balsam and woody scent

Nourish your skin in ultimate luxury and experience a sensory explosion with these nourishing body elixirs by visiting Beauty Works

Friday, June 3, 2011

[W.]™+ Brightening Double Action Serum

Intensive light-textured cosmeceutic treatment acts on the targeted pigment spot and complexion for an uniformity and luminous complexion.

Sothys [W.] ™ + Brightening Programme

The newly launched beauty programme is formulated with Sothys’ exclusive H2CR® Cosmeceutic Complex, [W.]™ + Complex and Anti-Age Illuminating Complex to act on 4 vital biological mechanism of skin colour to provide an optimum brightening action of the complex:

-Optimized cell renewal

-Reduction of melanin synthesis

-Limitation of melanin transfer

-Equilibrium between light scattering and reflection
The unveiling of the beauty programme was done by Ms. Sylvie Raynal, Sothys’ Scientific Director and Ms. Cyndi Ng, Sothys’ Training Manager. Ms. Sylvie Raynal commented saying that “this new brightening programme is an evolution of how we can achieve a lighter, uniformed skin tone with lightening actions targeted on pigmentation spots and at the same time exudes a brighter, clearer and more radiant complexion”.

The 4 at-home programme products include:

-Double action serum RM495 (10ml x 2)

-Brightening fluid – anti-ageing and illuminating RM375 (50ml)

-Preparative lotion RM202 (200ml)

-Brightening mask – illuminating and comfort action RM303 (50ml)

Don’t forget to drop by the salon to check out 2 of Sothys’ complementary products: the Sun-sensitive areas care SPF30 and C Pore complexion perfector.

[W.] ™ + Brightening Programme are made available at Beauty Works

ISO 14001

Federic Mas , President of SOTHYS Group is proud to announce the completion of ISO 14001 Standard.

Vitamin Booster Treatment with Mango & Pineapple


Sothys challenges you to try our ingenious treatment that uses exotic tropical fruits as the active ingredients – Vitamin-Booster Treatment with Mango & Pineapple. Richly packed with Vitamins and minerals, it instantly boosts radiance and revitalizes dull complexion, leaving the skin moisturized and well-nourised.
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