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Perfect Skin

A visibly perfect skin… the ultimate sign of beauty. A targeted treatment is necessary to obtain a smooth and uniform skin with refined skin grain. Sothys innovative research has resulted in a line of specific care products for skin care Institutes: Pore refiner system in order to meet consumer demands with a customized solution.

PERFECT THE SKIN > Pore refiner system

Pore refiner system works at the heart of the skin to boost the pool of healthy cells and bring out a perfect complexion by reducing enlarged pores.


Refining Peel-Off Mask

> Its innovative texture rapidly eliminates impurities and tightens skin grain to bring out a lighter and fresher complexion.

The skin is softer, lighter and cleaner… instantaneously.

Complexion perfector

> A second skin effect with an ultra-soft touch to cover and reduce the appearance of pores, to matify the skin and to provide a perfect illuminator under make-up.


Matifying Refiner Solution

> For chronic combination to oily skin and for skin whose pores are momentarily enlarged.

Its high-tech formula contains high concentrations of targeted active products to tighten skin grain and reduce shininess, to create a more uniform and illuminated complexion.

Smoothing Refiner Solution

> For skin with collapsed pores resulting from skin ageing.

Its high-tech formula is concentrated in active substances to visibly tighten pores and smooth by a tensor effect and to boost radiance.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

4 Simple Ways To Create The Illusion Of Longer and Fuller Hair

There are a few ways you can get your hair to grow out faster, but there are also a few ways you can make your strands seem both longer and fuller. It's all about cut, color, and ensuring that your hair is in excellent condition. See four tips for mastering the art of illusion below:

  • Keep your ends in tip-top shape: "The more your ends match your roots, the healthier the hair looks," explains master hairstylist Natasha Warton-Sanivskaya, of Cetana Salon Spa in San Francisco. So to keep your ends looking just as fresh as the roots, use protein-rich shampoo and conditioner to plump up the hair. Occasional applications of deep conditioners (on the ends only) will also make a huge difference.

  • Think heavy: Severe lines create fullness and weight. So if your coiffure is looking a bit wimpy, consider getting a cut that has more of a blunt feel.

  • Go darker: You don't have to go darker all over, but applying a color that's one shade deeper (whether it's warm or cool) around the outer perimeter, a longer, fuller look is achieved. Tip: Warton-Sanivskaya suggests adding a fun pop of color just under that top layer, at the parietal ridge. Not only will this technique provide lots of movement, but it also enables you to go from something more modest to something more playful—just by parting your hair in a different direction.

  • Matchy-matchy: And going back to the ends-should-match-the-roots mantra, you can also revitalize washed-out, sun-lightened ends with a hue that coordinates with your roots.
Via Prevention Magazine

The 5 Hottest Spring Nail Colors

The top nail polish shades of the season may be offbeat, but they also flatter every skin tone.


Sally Hansen Diamond Strength No Chip Manicure in Heart to Heart

"Coral is the perfect bright," says New York City manicurist Sheril Bailey. "It's pretty on all skin tones and so cheerful." This shade looks great on those with yellow undertones.


Essie nail polish in To Buy or Not to Buy

Lilac is more elegant when it's high-gloss—matte versions can read as flat and chalky. A word of caution: Gray or lilac tones can make skin look ashy, so be sure to moisturize


OPI Nail Lacquer in Did You 'Ear About Van Gogh?

"This shade is especially beautiful on dark skin," says Bailey. It elongates fingers the same way nude pumps seem to extend the legs. This shade is extra flattering on those with olive undertones.


Estée Lauder in Teal Topaz

The key word here is "muted." As in gray undertones. As in subtle. As in totally chic.


Chanel Le Vernis in June

"Soft peach is the new pale pink: It works on everyone but is a notch more substantial—and sexy," says New York City manicurist Jin Soon Choi.


The 8 Best Skin Tips You've Never Heard

Simple? Yes. Predictable? Hardly. There are a multitude of ways to make skin look younger, fresher, and brighter—and they're things you never would have guessed.



Yes, even that tiny tube of hotel face cream does something. Any emollient will not only temporarily plump up fine lines but also help prevent skin aging. "When we do a peel or surgery, probably the single most important factor in wound healing is keeping the area well moisturized," points out Richard Fitzpatrick, an associate clinical professor of dermatology at the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine. Sun damage, he notes, is no different: A daily lotion containing glycerin, shea butter, or another basic hydrator "allows your skin to repair itself much more effectively." It also increases its mobility, making repetitive smiles and squints less punishing to the face. That said, the basics should be used only in a pinch. For daily use, dermatologists prefer moisturizers spiked with ingredients designed to boost cell turnover, stimulate collagen growth, and banish DNA-damaging free radicals.


Forget pulled hamstrings. The most overlooked gym-induced strain hits us above the shoulders. "I can pinpoint women who tense the jaw and throat when exercising, because it makes the cords of the neck more prominent and pulls down the face," says Fredric Brandt, a dermatologist in New York City and Miami.


Don't assume you're inoculated against photodamage just because the sun is barely up when you leave for work and sets on your commute home. Unlike UVB light, UVA rays travel through windows in the office, home, and car, warns Dover. Until recently, few worried much about the latter wavelength, partly because it causes a tenth as much tanning as the former. But in fact, "two very important studies a few years ago showed that UVA is carcinogenic and induces the grayish, yellow-y cast you see on older people's skin," says Dover, who recalls one laser-resurfacing patient whose wrinkling was "five times worse on one side" from years of daily drives between New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Those who don't spend most of their waking hours in a cinder-block bunker should "wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen 365 days a year, rain or shine," he says.


All the SPF and sun avoidance in the world can't protect you from the space heater next to your desk or the fireplace in your living room. Direct exposure from two to three feet away causes redness and a breakdown of collagen, says Brandt, who advises sitting at least ten feet away.


Radiesse, Juvéderm, Sculptra, and other volume fillers are more widely available than ever. And women are increasingly aware that a fuller face looks younger than a "taut, windswept one," according to Seth L. Matarasso, a clinical professor of dermatology at the University of California School of Medicine in San Francisco. One consequence of all this: As many patients (and their doctors) get carried away, "their eyes, mouth, and even their jawlines can become dwarfed by their protuberant cheeks," he says. Grossman prefers to fill the fat pads that go away with age: at the temples, the front of the ears, and the chin. "Filling in the periphery of the face restores softness and balance without making you look done."


Or so it seems. In addition to banishing crow's-feet, headaches, a gummy smile, and excessive sweating, a few units of this injectable may shrink prominent glands just under the jawline—the ones that may make some women appear jowly, says Francesca Fusco, an assistant clinical professor of dermatology at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City, who heard this tidbit from a fellow doctor at a recent American Society of Dermatologic Surgery conference. Fusco is careful to note that while this can sharpen the jawline in some patients, "it won't reduce jowliness across the board in all women."


Guzzle water, the advice goes, and your skin will thank you. But New York City and Santa Monica dermatologist Karyn Grossman cringes when she sees women toting around bottles of water—or any other drink. As with straws, "the constant pursing creates lines and aggravates existing ones around the mouth," she says. Her suggestions for saving face: Sip filtered water from a glass at home, and carry a reusable bottle with a spout "so that you can squirt it into your mouth instead of sucking on the top."


Fusco can tell which side a patient sleeps on by the vertical line on her cheek. "The skin is pressed against wrinkles in the fabric," she says. The best way to avoid sleep lines is to snooze on your back. A more realistic strategy: smooth pillowcases. "Satin or silk is best," says Fusco. "Or buy the softest, highest-thread-count fabric you can."

Via Allure

Sothys Digi-Esthétique

An exclusive global method, Digi-Esthétique® is an original technique developed by Sothys: an absolute quest for effectiveness and well-being.

Specially developed to heighten the effectiveness of the treatments and the assimilation of active ingredients, the original Sothys technique combines acupressure methods and Eastern and Western massage procedures.

It lies at the heart of Sothys programmes and boosts their extreme sensoriality by transforming each treatment into a moment of well-being for the body and mind.

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