Saturday, August 6, 2011

Sothys 65th Anniversary

Active Contour Destressing Mask (50ml) for only RM65 (n.p RM209) when you purchase SOTHYS retail products above RM650.

SOTHYS 65th Anniversary

Priding herself as a global leader in professional skin care innovation, SOTHYS has dedicated herself to continuous research, pursuing her passion for total beauty and skincare solutions with groundbreaking innovations and an uncompromising approach towards customer satisfaction.

Thanks to SOTHYS Research & Development Laboratory and dermatological testing clinic - SOREDEC in Brive, France, for creating such exclusive technological innovations for unique compounds that combine comfort and effectiveness.

SOTHYS Malaysia will be having monthly promotions in conjunction with their 65th Anniversary until the end of this year at Beauty Works. Get excited, ladies!

Beautiful Quote

A beautiful face is a mute recommendation.

Publilius Syrus 1st century BC

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Revolutionizes the concept of ultimate hydration by offering a deep hydrating program in 3D. Dehydration is the first sign and cause of premature aging. Whatever your skin type is, retaining the moisture levels in the skin is essential to maintain a youthful appearance and delay the aging process.

Optimizer SC™ and natural plant osmolytes, are used exclusively in the Hydroptimale®THI3 formulas to teach the skin to auto-regulate its natural water balance at all levels.

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