Sunday, January 10, 2010

Remedies for Stretch Marks

While stretch marks don’t vanish, they do fade with time. The use of over the counter creams and ointments helps the scars fade. One such effective ointment is cocoa butter cream. It is widely available and will help moisturize skin and is effective in smoothing out scars. In extreme cases patients seek laser therapy and surgery to correct the scars left on the body. These are painful and invasive treatments that serves no great cause. So instead of taking such a drastic step, it would be better to opt for simple and effective home remedies for stretch marks. Though the marks won’t vanish over night, they will fade away with proper treatment and dieting. Try some the following home remedies and observe the progress:

• Lavender Oil – Lavender oil is a highly recommended home remedy for stretch marks. Rubbing a few drops of lavender oil on the affected area twice a day ensures the scars fade quickly. Applying olive oil is also very effective.

• Sandalwood – A great preventive measure for stretch marks is applying sandalwood on the skin daily. It keeps the skin moisturized and prevents it from stretching.

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