Sunday, July 17, 2011

Introduction to Sothys- Correct

The passage of time is shown not only by wrinkles. A dull complexion and pigmented spots are equally visible signs that can prematurely age the face. Sothys new formulation [W.]™+ preserves the radiance and uniformity of the skin colour.

Preparative Lotion

> A treatment lotion to moisturize, smooth and impart new radiance to the complexion at the same time as preparing the skin for other products in the programme.

Double Action Serum
> This intensive cosmeceutical treatment provides light, uniformity and perfection to the complexion and has a targeted action on pigment spots. The skin regains and preserves its transparency, uniformity and radiance.
phase 1 : Brightening Solution
phase 2 : Peeling

Brightening Fluid
> A light, melting emulsion that brightens the complexion day after day… As a result of an innovative illuminating agent the skin looks visibly younger.

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