Monday, January 2, 2012

Must Follow Weight Loss Tips Part 3

Soup Kitchen

A tried-and-true take on eating better? Eat more soup. Packed with veggies, lean chicken, and low-calorie broths, soups aren't just nutritious, they're super easy to prepare, too.

Focus on Food

The more aware you are of your food, the more control you'll be able to exert as you eat it. Whether you're at the breakfast table or grabbing dinner, take a moment to enjoy your meal instead of using it as another opportunity to multi-task.

Dairy Queen

Cutting back on dairy (especially fatty cheeses) is a great dieting strategy. But don't eliminate calcium-rich foods entirely. Not only are they good for bone health, but they also help the nervous system and serve as a low-fat form of protein. Enjoy a glass of skim milk daily and chow down on green, leafy vegetables as much as possible.

Treat Yourself

It's okay to splurge from time to time, but try to incorprate the principles of your diet as much as possible when you do. If you're craving a BLT, order a side salad, so you'll be encouraged to eat the leafy greens before the greasy grub.

Storage Wars

Out of sight, out of mind. Store your favorite snacks up high (or down low, depending on height) in your kitchen to make it harder for you to reach for them on the fly.

Get Global

Get creative with your edamame. Not only are these high-protein pods packed with good fiber, but you can cook them in a number of ways (broiled with fresh garlic, for example) to create tasty heart-healthy snacks.

In the Ball Park

The recommended serving size for a bowl of pasta or cereal is one cup, or the size of a baseball.

The Morning After

After a night of eating, drinking, and being too merry, get back on the good-diet wagon by having a healthy breakfast. Everyone breaks diet streaks. The hard part is staying committed after the fact.

Making Bread

Always, always, always choose brown, whole-wheat or grain bread over white slices. The process to make white loaves strips away all the good nutrients. Also, check to make sure your brown bread is made with whole wheat, grains, or oats.

Rice Market

When shopping for rice, look for brown rice that says it's "unrefined." This means that the fiber and nutrients are still in tact, which will leave you feeling fuller, longer when you finally make that Indian dish you've meaning to try.

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