Monday, March 26, 2012

Dieting through the ages: Vintage adverts for lotions and potions that promised 'miracle' weight loss... but did any actually work?

Creating a buzz: The Spot Reducer 'guarantees' to target problem areas of weight gain by jiggling the fat away with its unique scientific method in 1955

Money down the drain: La Mar Reducing Soap from the 1920s promised to 'wash away fat and years of age' to the gullible consumer

Breakfast club: The campaign for Kellogg's All-Bran in 1933 promoted a healthy diet for weight loss over a quick fix

Pulling no punches: This poster for Professor F.J. Kellogg's weight loss remedy gets straight to the point

Snack attack: Black and white magazine advert for Ryebisk slimming biscuits from around 1928 promised 'a slim silhouette'

Effective: WeightWatchers is one of the few solutions for being overweight that has stood the test of time and takes a large chunk of American's $60 billion diet industry

Shedding the pounds: The Slimmers Glove System told dieters in 1975 that all they need to lose fatty deposits is a good old scrub in the tub

Via MailOnline

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