Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Great Skin in an Instant

Sugar Is Good

Mix a cup of sugar and a half cup of olive oil, then rub it into damp skin in circular motions. You just can't stop touching your super soft skin afterwards.

Gentle Touch For Your Chest

Soft hand towel are the world's softest loofah.Use it on the neck,chest and stomach where the skin is thinner.

Lemon Does It

Cut lemon into half and sprinkle salt on them.Grind them into elbows,knees and heels.

Hit Main Point

Highlighter on the body, as on the face, is best only on points—the collarbone, shoulders, shins, tops of the thighs, and maybe the forearms.

No Dirty Gown

Try loose gold powder on the tops of the shoulders, arms, and legs to avoid staining your clothes.

Don't Forget Your Feet

Run luminizing stick lightly down the shinbones and over the tops of your feet, then rub it in well.

Brush It Off

Dry-brush on a daily basis, you'll probably notice a difference within a week—especially if you follow it with moisturizer.

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