Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Time for Renewal

Sothys latest development, the result of 30 years of research into antioxidants and genomics. The C Renewal System is a range of products like no other, giving immediate results while increasing the health of your skin.

Our skins are constantly being targeted by a multitude of aggressions, the primary role of our skins during the day is to defend itself. At night however, the role changes. As we sleep our skin undertakes its greatest job, to repair and regenerate and prepare it for the next day of defense.

Our bodies obey definite biorhythms relating to functions carried out at day and night. Sothys has used this knowledge of Chronobiology to increase the efficiency of its latest range of products working in synch with the natural cycles of the skin.

Normally, the skin is quite resistant, if there aren’t too many aggressions the skin can defend and repair itself, however……

When there are too many aggressions, the health of the skin decreases and the skin becomes overwhelmed.

When this happens, the skin becomes tired, stressed and then ages more rapidly.

This is when we need to act quickly, to stop these imbalances taking control. The ideal time for the C Renewal System.

This system comprises of three homecare products. A Microdermabrasion Mask, a Double Renewal System and the Continuous Renewal Care. All products are designed to be used as a two month course of treatment to resurface, smooth and re -texturise the skin. Using a state of the art AHA delivery system the C renewal system delivers outstanding results whilst improving the health of your skin

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