Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Celeb Looks for Your Body Type

Whether you're petite, pear shaped or plus sized, you can rock your gorgeous body by copying one these celebs' styles

Small and petite: Nicole Richie
If you have a petite frame like Nicole Richie, "extreme lengths suit you best," Sawhill says. So either go for the long, flowy maxi dress or the short mini skirt. Just be careful, because "longer tops that hit past your hips will shorten your legs," Sawhill says. And that's the laaast thing you want to do

Small and petite: Jessica Alba
You also want your clothes to emphasize your slim, trim body. So stay away from bulky, oversized layers. Instead, wear high-waisted bottoms or a tight, short dress like Jessica Alba to make your legs look longer, Sawhill says. Oh, and heels are a petite girl's best friend. Stock up on them.

Rectangular: Cameron Diaz
If you have a rectangular body shape, you want your clothes to create the appearance of curves. Sawhill says fun shapes and patterns are a great way to break up your straight bodylines. A slim top with a full skirt nipped in at the waist also creates the illusion of hips, as Cameron Diaz proves here.

Rectangular: Hilary Duff
Hilary Duff's cinched belt, ruffled skirt and slim leggings help create curves on her straight shape. Just avoid straight body hugging looks like pencil skirts, Sawhill says. And if you do wear a skirt, the length should go no longer than the knee so you can show off the curves of your calves.

Hourglass: Kim Kardashian
If you have an hourglass figure like Kim Kardashian, you want your clothes to hug your curves and show off a defined waist. V-necks are a "great way to show off your assets and create a lengthening line, making you appear leaner, not wider," Sawhill says.

Hourglass: Scarlett Johansson
Scarlett Johansson shows that clean classic lines are good because they don't create extra bulk in the bust and hip areas. Stay away from really embellished tops and bottoms with tons of detail in the hip area. "Wrap or belted dresses that hug the lines of the body are great," Sawhill says.

Pear shaped (triangle): Jennifer Love Hewitt
If you're pear shaped like Jennifer Love Hewitt, wear boot cut pants or A-line skirts to balance out a wider hip, Sawhill says. A gorgeous neckline will show off your slim shoulders and a wide skirt will hide large thighs.

Pear shaped (triangle): Beyonce Knowles
A boat neckline and horizontal cut tops will help balance out a wider bottom as well. And it might take some getting used to, but learn to "embrace the trend of shoulder pads," Sawhill says. They widen your shoulders a bit to make you look more proportionate. Beyonce Knowles can totally pull it off (although that's not saying much, since she's Beyonce).

Apple shaped (inverted triangle): Catherine Zeta-Jones
If you're apple shaped, you want to accentuate your smaller legs and shoulders and leave it loose in the middle to hide your round mid section. Also, play up your beautiful bust like Catherine Zeta-Jones does. "Deep v-necks, halter tops, and empire tops all are great choices to enhance what you've got and create a lengthening line down the center while flowing through the mid section," Sawhill says.

Apple shaped (inverted triangle): Tyra Banks
Wearing a short dress with a deep v-neck and a belt can help create the appearance of a smaller mid section and show off your legs, like Tyra Banks does here. You can also try wearing a flowy summer top with tiny shorts, Sawhill says. Just don't wear skinny jeans or tapered pants, because that will emphasize your apple shape.

Plus-sized: Nikki Blonsky
When you're plus-sized, it's important to wear clothes that fit and accentuate your best features. "Belt it if your waist is smallest, shorten it if your legs are trimmest, and wear it strapless if your neck is long and shoulders are shapely," Sawhill says. Nikki Blonsky looks great in flowy dresses and can make them work beautifully.

Plus-sized: Queen Latifah
Queen Latifah's silky, flowy dress falls in vertical lines, which draws attention up and down, instead of side-to-side. "Stay away from horizontal patterns or lines across the body as well as tapered jeans and slim fitting shoes," Sawhill says. These cut off the ankles and make your feet look smaller, only making your top half look much larger. Go with looser-fitting boots over a pair of leggings like Latifah's.

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