Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sweets For Your Skin?

Cocoa's Skin Benefits

Scientists have already found that cocoa can contain more antioxidants per cup than red wine or green tea do. The latest good news about chocolate, from the Journal of Nutrition, is that ingesting certain compounds in cocoa can smooth the skin and decrease its sensitivity to the sun. In a double-blind study in Germany, women who drank a cocoa beverage high in antioxidants called flavonols daily experienced reduced skin redness in response to UV-light exposure—15 percent less than usual after six weeks and 25 percent less at 12 weeks—while a group given a low-flavonol cocoa drink had no change. The women also showed significant improvements in their skins' texture and hydration, which the investigators believe were attributable to measurably improved blood flow to the skin. The low-calorie, high-flavonol cocoa powder, made by the candy manufacturer Mars, is not currently available, but flavonols are abundant in dark chocolate.

Mint's Skin Benefits
What makes mint a beneficial ingredient for skin care is its ability to act as an anti-pruritic agent. That means that its juice can soothe and calm skin that's itchy or infected. You can even use it to help heal bites from mosquitoes, wasps and bees. Because mint contains vitamin A, it may strengthen skin tissue and help reduce oily skin. What makes mint helpful in treating inflammations such as acne is its high content of salicylic acid. This acid, which is found naturally in mint, is an active ingredient used in many skin care products. The acid loosens up dead skin cells, allowing them to shed easier. That has the potential to prevent your pores from clogging up, resulting in fewer pimples and clearer skin.

Licorice's Skin Benefits
The galbridin compound in licorice is what gives it its strong hyperpigmentation fading properties. It actually works by inhibiting the tyosinase activity of melanocoytes, melanin and produces a whitening of the skin. Galbridin is a non-toxic agent and has little risk of permanent discoloration.
Licorice is really a multifunctional skin care ingredient. Skin whitening is just one of its beneficial properties. It has also been shown to protect skin from externals such as bacteria. While it also helps to shields the skin from the suns harmful rays thus helping to keep skin looking younger and hyperpigmentation from reoccurring. It works great in odds spots and sensitive spots such as armpit.

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The natural ingredients to beauty are differently better than jabbing with botox.

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