Monday, October 17, 2011


Know your limits. Your supply of willpower is limited so you may start each day with a renewed stock, but things will gradually deplete it.

If you sense your glucose levels are low, reach for a low GI snack, such as a handful of blueberries or nuts.

Pick your battles. You can’t control the stresses in your life, but you can make sure you’re not trying to diet at the same time as giving up alcohol and starting a new job.

Don’t get stuck in a routine. To break a habit like smoking, do it on holiday when you’re far away from the people, places and events you associate with cigarettes.

When you set a goal, have a reward for reaching it. Never underestimate how little it takes to motivate.

Remember, what matters is the exertion not the outcome. If you struggle with temptation and then give in, your reserves of willpwoer are still depleted because you struggled.

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