Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Secret to Looking 5 Pounds Thinner -- Without Dieting

by BeautyRiot Diva, on Tue Oct 11, 2011 3:41pm PDT

Secret #1: Wear (the right) horizontal stripes
According to fashion editor Stephanie Rygorsky, "Horizontal stripes make your body look wider, but you can take that knowledge and use it to your advantage." For example, if you want to play up your bustline, choose a shirt with horizontal stripes across the chest, or if you want to define your waist, choose a dress with a horizontal bar of color through the waistline.

However, many fashion bloggers are also quick to point out that horizontal stripes can work -- you just need to consider the other elements of the stripe.

• How far apart (and wide) are the stripes? Narrow to medium wide stripes tend to slim, while big stripes can do the opposite.
• How much contrast is there between the stripe and the background? Typically, the more contrast, the harder it is to pull off a horizontal stripe.
• Is the stripe distorted or a classic straight stripe? A distorted stripe may help slim, depending on the pattern.

Secret #2: Pair a black top with a colored skirt
Any A-cups reading probably won't get this, but sometimes women want to downplay their bustline. Luckily, there are ways to minimize a large chest that don't involve a breast reduction.

To make your bust appear smaller, Rygorsky suggests drawing attention to your bottom half. "Try wearing a black top with a bright colored skirt or a black form-fitting dress with a great pair of colorful (something like purple or red) tall high-heeled boots."
Secret #3: Go for a flattering neckline
When it comes to a large bust, your neckline can also make a big difference. According to fashion stylist Adeel Khan, the most flattering for a large bust is a boatline neckline. The exposed shoulders and collarbone help balance out a large bust, while not revealing too much cleavage.

And if you're going for a more professional look with a button up shirt, make sure there are no gapping holes between the buttons in the bust area. "If you can't find a button down shirt in your size, buy a few sizes up and have it altered to give you shape," says fashion stylist Keylee Sander.
Secret #4: Try a tall, nude heel

Want supermodel legs? Well, I've got some good news and some bad news. The bad news: Unless you have a late life growth spurt, it's probably not going to happen. The good news: You can always fake it. How? All our experts agree that a high heel or platform shoe is the most basic way to visually extend your leg.

According to Rygorsky, "The taller the heel, the more elongated your body appears, and if you can find heels that are close to your skin tone, all the better." Click here to find the best shoes for your body type.

Secret #5: Think monochromatic
Need one more trick when it comes to visually lengthening the leg? Try a monochromatic outfit. "If you wear the same exact color top, bottom, and shoes, this tricks the eye into thinking that you're taller, longer, and leaner," says Rygorsky. Since there are no other colors, your body isn't visually broken into different proportions.

Secret #6: Wear head-to-toe black with a pop of color

You've probably heard this popular fashion slimming tip: Always wear black. While it's probably the most repeated of all classic fashion rules, it's also the one with the most truth. "Wearing head-to-toe black makes you look thinner than just about anything else. If you ever want a no-fail look, just go for all black," says Rygorsky.

Khan is also a big fan of black and says it definitely slims the body. But he also warns that an all black outfit can get a bit boring. His advice: "If you're wearing all black make sure to add bright accessories."


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