Thursday, November 3, 2011

10 Beauty Tricks That Make Guys Melt

Beauty trick: Use blue eye makeup to amp up your bedroom eyes.
Break out of a black-and-gray eye makeup rut by swapping in a navy eyeshadow for a more subtle and sophisticated smoky eye. Apply color to both your lid and lower lash line, then gently blend. (Hint: Remove any dark shadow from your brow bone with a Q-tip to avoid verging into Snooki territory.) To steal Jessica Szohr’s look, try Maybelline Eye Studio Color Plush Silk Eyeshadow in Sapphire Siren.

Beauty trick: Flash him your sexy—and bright!—smile.
A killer smile is always a foolproof way to get his attention. To brighten up your teeth, try Crest 3D Whitestrips, and highlight the apples of your cheeks with a glowy cream blush, like Eva Mendes does here. Our pick for a peachy shade like hers: Josie Maran Cream Blush in Coral. Now show him that gorgeous grin!

Beauty trick: Add some strategic shimmer to the—ahem—girls.
Not all of us are blessed with Halle Berry’s gorgeous bod, but we can steal her sparkly secret! Dust shimmer—not heavy glitter—on the top of your décolletage, in a capital T shape. For an even bigger boost, trace bronzer around the inside of each breast to enhance your cleavage—minus the push-up bra. (Even Victoria’s Secret super models use this ta-ta trick!) Be warned: After working a little beauty magic, you may have to pull out the old “Eyes up here, mister!” expression.

Beauty trick: Make your lips extra kissable.
A fire-engine red lip will definitely make him do a double take, but leaving your mark all over his face will likely remind him of his over-affectionate aunt—probably not the impression you were trying to leave. To get lip color that lasts, layer different textures, says makeup pro Gucci Westman. Apply a stain first, like Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain in Flame, swipe a matching lipstick on top, then add another coat of stain. Unless you kiss and tell, your lips (or rather, your lipstick) will be sealed!

Beauty trick: Get bedhead waves the lazy-girl way.
Forget the gym ponytail—nothing says sexy like big, bouncy waves. (Case in point? The incredibly lovely Kerry Washington’s hairstyle.) “It’s surprising how many women have natural texture and always run for the blow-dryer,” says hairstylist Guido. His tip: Go to bed with damp hair. The next day, before a night on the prowl, wind a few sections around a curling iron and finger-comb. Easy!

Beauty trick: Try the fail-proof combo of dewy skin and sexy heels.
“I can never resist my girlfriend when she’s in a pair of high heels and a sexy dress that flatters her naturally amazing shape. It may seem simple, but it works like a charm every time,” says John Pels, 23. If you plan to show a little (or a lot of!) leg like bombshell Blake Lively, catch the light and his attention with a shimmery moisturizing lotion. Try Benefit Cosmetics Bathina “Take a Picture It Lasts Longer” Body Balm, which gives skin a sexy golden-pink sheen.

Beauty trick: Work the sexy, slightly unkempt bun.
Take an all-business updo down a few notches by pulling out a few face-framing strands of hair for a soft, romantic look. Bend them around a curling iron and add a side part for even more sexiness. Pair pretty hair with Zoe Saldana’s coy, come-hither smile and you’ll have him wrapped around your little finger in no time!

Beauty trick: Use highlighter to get your glow on.
Dewy skin and doe eyes go together perfectly—exhibit A: Diana Agron. For a luminous effect, apply highlighter where it counts (we like Sephora Collection Highlighting Compact Powder). Use a fan brush to create a C shape—start at the inner corner of the eye, swoop it over the brow bone and onto your cheekbone—then do the other side. Finish by running a little down the bridge of your nose, your chin and above the middle of your lips. Set it off with eyelashes guaranteed to make him swoon; apply a few false lash clusters, like Andrea Perma-Lash Flair Individual Lashes in Medium Black, to the outer corners of your eyes.

Beauty trick: Show off your edgy side with a temporary tattoo.
If nothing else, a little ink is a conversation starter, and as Megan Fox demonstrates, guys dig a girl who walks on the wild side. Relationships aren’t always permanent, so make sure his initials aren’t either! Get your bad-girl vibe on for a night, then rinse it all off and play innocent in the morning—we like Hard Candy Inked Up Body Art.

Beauty trick: Be your naturally gorge self.
“I love it when my girlfriend curls up on the couch in her pajamas,” says John Kline, 34. Stay casually cute, like Vanessa Hudgens, by swiping on a nude lip gloss (we like Neutrogena MoistureShine Lip Soother in Shimmer) and adding a spritz of your signature perfume in a few key places—behind the knees, inner thighs, wrists, behind the ears and in your hair. Whether you’re wearing a miniskirt or sweats, letting your personality shine through is the biggest turn-on of all!

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