Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Best and Worst Appetizers for Your Waistline

Those to Forget:

1. Frozen
Appetizers made from scratch tend to be better options than frozen or packaged. If it looks like an appetizer was whipped up in a microwave or oven, or was bought at BJs or Costco, stay clear. Often, they are highly processed, contain lots of saturated fats and are filled with preservatives. Some to Avoid: Meatballs, mini-quiches, mini-pizzas, mini anything, dumplings, egg-rolls, spanakopita, pigs in a blanket.

2. Pass on the Puff
Puff pastry is one of the largest offenders of unhealthy appetizers. Most puff pastry or filo dough appetizers are full of butter and refined flours. Some to Avoid: Spanakopita, cheesepuffs, anything wrapped in puff pastry, mini-crescents, pigs in a blanket.

3. Fried
Whether homemade or not, fried foods are full of excess calories, saturated fat and potentially even trans fat. Further, they can play with your digestive tract and cause you to feel gassy and uncomfortable. Some to Avoid: Chicken fingers, fried Buffalo wings, egg rolls, fried shrimp.
4. Refined Carbohydrates
Breads and crackers tend to be made with refined flours, and often require high-fat accompaniments, such as cheese or spreads. If you can find a whole-grain cracker or slice of bread, opt for those instead.

Those to Enjoy:

1. Plant-Based
Those appetizers that are predominantly plant based (veggies or fruit) provide fiber and vitamins and minerals. Some to Enjoy: Crudites, fruit, veggies and dip, veggies or fruit wrapped in ham, stuffed mushrooms.

2. Dips
Avoid mayo- or cream-based dips. Further, when enjoying dips, choose veggies to dip rather than the conventional chip, cracker or piece of bread. The veggies will provide you a lot more nutritional value. Some to Enjoy: Hummus (contains protein and fiber), salsa (naturally low in fat), and bean dips or spreads (also high in fiber and protein).

3. Lean Protein
Those appetizers that contain lean protein will help to satiate your appetite and will balance out the heavier carbohydrate based appetizers. Some to Enjoy: Chicken skewers, shrimp cocktail, tenderloin on pumpernickel bread, salmon and dill on whole wheat crackers.

4. Olives
These are filled with monounsaturated fats…and are generally low in calories olive for olive.

Those to Moderate:

1. Nuts
Nuts are healthy and tasty, filled with lots of healthy fats, fiber, and protein. Eat these in moderation, however, so as to not overdo your fat intake. A good amount is about a quarter cup of nuts (an egg or golf ball’s worth).

2. Cheese
Cheese is wonderfully delicious and full of protein, but it is still high in saturated fat. Try to limit yourself to one ounce (four dice or a thumb’s worth).

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