Friday, November 27, 2009

Movie-Inspired Cocktails

Sex and The City: The Empire Hotel's Georgina Mind Eraser
We'll be treated to some of Carrie and company's fashion flashbacks when Sex and The City 2 arrives in 2010. Reminisce about your own style mishaps over a Georgina Mind Eraser, an updated version of the Cosmopolitan created by the Empire Hotel's cocktail consultant, Somer Perez.

• 1 splash Absinthe
• 2 oz. tequila
• 2 oz. pomegranate juice
• ½ oz. lime juice
• ½ oz. simple syrup
• ½ oz. triple sec
• black sugar
• 1 Atomic Fireball candy

Rim a martini glass with black sugar (using simple syrup as the "glue"). In a mixing glass, swirl Absinthe around to coat sides and pour out excess liquid. Add all other ingredients to mixing glass and shake. Strain into martini glass and drop in the Fireball.

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