Sunday, December 18, 2011

Burberry Bespoke-DIY Your Own Iconic Trench Coat

Everyone likes to put a twist on a products to individualized it and you can do it with your new trench coat too. It's a matter of mink linings, fur collars, leather wraps belts and other personalized touches.

On the Burberry site, users select the style, length, fabric and color,then point and click their way through a series of options, each of which instantly transforms the garment depicted in an on-screen simulator. Burberry Bespoke allows 12 million different combinations. Users can also connect to Burberry's consultants at a click of a button when all those choices become too overwhelming. Costly mistakes could be avoided too.

Style and Length
Kensington, Wiltshire, Abingson, Longbourne, Wellclose Zip, Kensington Leather and Wiltshire Shearling for different fit and silhouette

Fabric and Colors
Choose from Cotton Gabardine, Washed Cotton Gabardine, Cotton Sateen and Bonded Cotton for different finishes

Sleeve, Epaulettes and Cuff Sets
Trench coat sleeve will be dependent on your choice of style and fabric. Epaulettes are originally created for military officers to illustrates ranks and they have now become iconic in trench coat details. Explore a selections of epaulettes and cuff sets pairings here

Lining and Warmers
Choose from a range of traditional and contemporary linings meanwhile the warmers are detachable inner lining for additional warmth

Collar, Throat Latch and Overcollar
The hidden and distinguishable Burberry feature is revealed when the collar is turned up from the classic Burberry check to the distinctive black Nappa leather. Detachable overcollar is available with options of plush black mink to supple Nappa leather

Buttons and Hardware
Buckles and buttons has always been the integral and iconic features. Classic branded horn

This is an original feature of the trench coat with the D-ring originally used by soldiers to attach military accoutrements. A fabric belt is supplied in bespoke of your addition of belt selection from studded Burberry trench coat fabric to smooth bridle leather

Initials are embroidered onto the inside of the trench coat between the second and the third button

Naturally it comes with an inflated price with complimentary sense of accomplishment of course.

Burberry's factories in England and Italy will then assemble the designs and dispatch them within four to eight weeks depending on your location.

Given the perils of do-it-yourself design, the site automatically removes certain unfashionable options or combinations. Perhaps Burberry needs to protect its customers from themselves-and to protect its brand from those customers.

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