Thursday, December 22, 2011

Must-Follow Weight Loss Tips Part 2


Trick your senses into submission by lighting a sweet-smelling candle next time you crave a decadent dessert.

Farmer's Market

Buying local isn't just good for your community, it's good for your pant size, too! In-season produce has richer flavors, which will satisfy your appetite more than frozen or imported varieties.

Get Seedy

Yes, they get stuck in your teeth, but adding certain seeds, like chia and brown flax, to your diet is an easy way to infuse more soluble fiber and minerals into your grub. They can also help speed up metabolism and reduce blood pressure. Win, win! (Just start carrying toothpicks.)

Pre-Pack Snacks

The key to dieting is moderation—even when it comes to healthy foods. Pre-pack fruit and veggie snacks to get instant portion control and have a stockpile of treats to take with you on the go.

Set a Timer

It takes 20 minutes for your brain to register if you're full. Set a timer next time you want more food after eating to see if you're still hungry.

Food Star

Love baking but hate feeling tempted by sweet, buttery goods? Use a cookbook for diabetics to find out how to recreate cookie and cake recipes sans sugar and extra carbs.

Basta, Pasta!

Good-for-you nutrients and fiber are largely removed from white pasta to make it denser and sweeter. This ultimately makes you hungry, soon after eating. So, leave spaghetti night to the kids and fill up on salad.

Tapas Trick

Middle Eastern foods contain many good-for-you ingredients, but that doesn't mean you can eat with abandon. Two tablespoons of hummus (the recommended serving size) is equivalent to the size of a golf ball. Think about that next time you reach for more pita

Diva Diners

With obesity on the rise, more and more dining establishments are willing to accommodate healthier meal substitutions and requests, even if they're not listed on the menu. Politely ask your waitress or waiter if it's possible to tweak your order to be more waist-friendly. Just remember to tip her handsomely!

Order an App

Portion sizes at restaurants are double, sometimes triple, the recommended amount. Next time you go out, order an appetizer as your meal and add a side of veggies if you're still hungry.

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