Monday, December 19, 2011

Must-Follow Weight Loss Tips

Hunger Games

Trick your mind into thinking there's more food in front of you by using a side or salad plate instead of an over-sized charger.

Kitchen Door

At parties with circulating trays of treats, avoid standing near the kitchen door. The waiters will offer you first dibs on delicious hors d'oevures, which just might be too tempting to turn down

Meal Maven

The best defense against mid-week takeout? Cook and store five dinner-time meals on Sunday night that you can reheat as needed during the work week.

Watt's Up?

The recommended portion size for a single-serving of ice cream is technically one half-cup, roughly the size of one light bulb.

Work Week

An easy way to stay on track with food, and still occasionally indulge? Stick to your diet during the work week (when you can pre-pack lunches and make healthy dinners in advance), and then cut loose a little bit on Saturday or Sunday. Keep your noshing in moderation, but treat yourself to one of your favorite meals as a reward for being so good the rest of the week.

Think Small

As a general rule of thumb, breakfast should be your biggest meal of the day (since you have the most time to burn it off), and dinner should be your smallest.

Pill Popper

Take your vitamins. Not only will it keep your metabolism at an optimum level, but it will also ensure that you're getting all the necessary nutrients as you diet.

Pizza Face

Give your pizza a makeover. Regular varieties are full of refined sugars (thick crusts) and saturated fat (oily sauces and gooey cheese). So, instead, opt for thin-crust pies and sparse amounts of traditional toppings. Add nutritional value—and flavor—by piling on dressed salad greens and fresh veggies.

Bubble Yum

Chew sugarless gum as a quick fix for times when you're craving a sweet treat. Bonus? You'll erase all signs of coffee breath, too!

Eat More Veggies

Love the idea of going vegetarian but lack the resolve? Pick one night a week and cook a vegetarian meal. Meatless Mondays, here we come!

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rc helikopter said...

Great weight loss tips. I have added such nutritious foods/fruits into my daily diets such as orange, bitter guard, apple, grapes, pineapple etc.

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